Seller’s Guide: How to Get Top Dollar for My Johnson County Home?

How to Get Top Dollar for My Johnson County Home?

Selling a house can be stressful, especially if you’re hoping to make a quick sale while maximizing your profits. While you cannot change the market conditions or the location of your home, there are a few things that you can control to increase the selling price of your home in Johnson County.

Here are the minor but hugely effective fixes you can do to increase the selling price and sell a house fast in Johnson County, KS.

Fix Your Exteriors

Most buyers don’t bother to look inside the home if they don’t like what they see outside. To ensure that you get top dollar for your home, you need to watch out for these red flags on the outside:

  • Broken fences
  • Chipped paint
  • Cobwebs on the porch
  • Clogged gutters
  • Rusted or leaning mailbox
  • Torn screens

These minor repairs are quick and easy to fix and give buyers the confidence that the home is well maintained.

Replace Dingy Lighting with Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

Buyers will not notice your home’s best features if they can’t see them. You want your buyers to think, “The place looks bright and welcoming,” as soon as they walk in. A bright home not only feels inviting but also appears larger.

Choose warm tints that add a golden glow to your home. Increase the wattage of all your lights and replace any broken bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. And make sure to clean up your light fixtures so that the bulbs give maximum light.

Throw Away Your Old Carpets

While not a deal-breaker, stained and worn-out carpets are likely to reduce your home’s selling price. Buyers are likely to submit low-ball offers, as they consider replacing carpets an immediate expense if they move in. If you don’t have the budget for new carpets, consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to make them look and smell good.

Declutter Your Kitchen

For most buyers, the kitchen is a huge deal-breaker. Buyers prefer a clean and modern kitchen where they can enjoy cooking for the family. Make sure to declutter the kitchen before an open house. Put away everything neatly in closets and place a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter to give it that picture-perfect look.

Eliminate Odors

Bad smells make buyers run away. If they notice a bad smell, it makes the buyer suspect the worst. Is the house old and moldy? Are their pet odors that will be impossible to remove? To eliminate odors, clean the refrigerator and the garbage cans. If you have pets, bathe them, and remove their litter boxes before the open house. You can also get professional cleaners to provide a deep clean of your home to eliminate any lingering smells.

Keep the Paint Colors Neutral

If your home looks like a mishmash of different personalities, it’s time for an update. Repaint your walls in cohesive, neutral colors. White, beige, and grey are popular colors that never go out of style. Ensure that all rooms of the home feel cohesive.

Clean Up the Driveway

How long has it been since you cleared your driveway? Pull out weeds, add fresh mulch, and clean your driveway to make your home look tidy and cared for from the outside. You can also power wash your home outside to make it look bright and clean.

Whether selling to a cash home buyer in Johnson County, KS, or using a realtor to help you with the sale, fixing these seven minor things can help you increase your home’s selling price. These repairs can allow you to pocket more significant profits.

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